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Xpipe Beveler - Introducing another attachment for our B-Line machines
Beveling tool for pipes from Ø 3.36“ (85 mm) for B10 Electra, B15 Electra and B15 AIR bevelers.
The maximum diameter of the pipe is not limited, and the tool can be used on flat materials. The unique mechanism of clamping, guiding rollers ensures precise and comfortable guiding around the circumference of the machined pipe or along the edge of the sheet metal. The robust frame of the body guarantees constant cut with a minimum of possible vibrations and uncompromising stability of the selected bevel angle.

  • Unlimited diameter of the pipe
  • Can be used on flat materials
  • Precise, comfortable and safe handling
  • Minimum vibrations
  • Stability of selected angle
  • Built-in scale
  • Constant chamfering depth
  • Flexible rollers can handle any unevenness and inaccuracies
  • Lightweight and ergonomic tool

Our CTO Karel Horacek traveled to our branch in February to train our newest reps
Our CTO Karel Horacek traveled to our branch in February to train our newest reps for the following states:
Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Western Pennsylvania, Western New York, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

His next visit in April he will welcome some of our dealers and customers for an Open House.

Our new location
Our new location is 511 Parkway View Dr, Pittsburgh PA 15205. We have upgraded to a fully air-conditioned and heated warehousing, larger office spaces and a new demo center. Schedule your visit with us during our quarterly Open House.

Partnership N.KO Machines & FEIN Canada (CSA approved!)
Great news for Canadians
Partnership N.KO Machines & FEIN Canada (CSA approved!)
FEIN Canada, the solution provider to the Canadian metalworking market, is pleased to partner with N.KO Machines - a prominent world manufacturer of high quality efficient beveling systems.
For more information contact us or FEIN Canada directly