Barredora magnética

Mag Brush Maxx Large

  • Magnetic sweeper for practical cleaning of floors in various work areas
  • Width of the collecting bar 450 mm / 17.71 in
  • Collects all magnetic materials, such as steel chips, metal waste etc
  • Magnetic sweeper is equipped with wheels
  • You can release collected material by the simple feed of the handle part up
  • Telescopic pole for comfortable using
  • Packed in a paper box
  • Producer N.KO Machines
  • Delivery time: immediate dispatch
Art. Nr.
Magnetic sweeper Mag Brush Maxx Large NMF0107

Technical data:
Working width: 450 mm 17.71 in
Adjustable telescopic handle: 920–1250 mm 36.22–49.21 in
Weight: 5,5 kg 12 lb
Load capacity: 14 kg 31 lb