Cutter for CEVISA machine

Cutter for CEVISA machines CHP6, CHP12, CHP12

  • The cutter is designed for machine CEVISA CHP6,CHP12,CHP12G
  • The cutter can be reground
  • Intended for regular steel
  • Not suitable for stainless
Tools intended for machining by rotary shear are designed for materials maximum strength Rm to 60kg/mm2. If all the conditions stated in the user manual are followed, the lifecycle of the tool can achieve 4,000 metres ( 13 123ft). In practice it's however about 2,0000 to 3,000 metres( 6 561 - 9842ft). Several factors affect the service life of the tool:
  • Material and its preparation. As was written already, the maximum strength of bevelled material needs to be observed. When bevelling materials with higher than the allowed strength, the lifecycle of the tool reduces rapidly and there is a risk of destroying the tool, or damaging the machine.
  • Also the preparation of material before bevelling may affect the lifecycle of the tool. If material at your workplace is split by burning, we recommend that the edges intended for bevelling by angle grinder are cleared. During burning, particularly with plasma, material edges get hardened. This fact may affect substantially the final lifecycle of the tool; therefore we recommend that you proceed with caution.
  • Care for the tool. During bevelling, it is very important to check the sharpness of the tool.If you find it blunt it has to be thoroughly reground. Should you fail to fulfil that duty and continue working, the tool might break out, or even get destroyed.
  • Work procedure. The procedure of machining is very important, as well. It is described in detail in the user manual. It applies generally, that during performing maximum possible chamfers, it has to be split in two chippings.
Catalogue numbers:
ECO spare cutter, 1 unit, for CEVISA machines2135

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